Best Bedroom Paint Colours for Men

Man's Bedroom
Written by Tomas Braun

Many people, when they are decorating their bedrooms, will often struggle to decide what the best colour is. They seem to think it’s as simple as choosing between brown and blue.

While those two colours may be the standard for most bedrooms, it does not have to be that way. By going a step further you can find a colour which adds a lot of depth and dimension to your bedroom without looking garish or overbearing.

One colour which works very well in bedrooms is a deep, rich burgundy. This colour has a slightly exotic feel to it and can be very beautiful to look at. It will make your room feel like it is almost part of the Mediterranean.

If you do decide to use this colour in your room, then a little rose, pink or pale yellow may be appropriate to tone down the colour a little. This colour can also give your room a rustic feel so if you are into the countryside or rural areas then this colour could work well for you. It also works on the basement man cave interior.

Another colour which can work very well in a room is a beautiful burnt sienna. This colour is very uplifting and evokes an oriental appeal. It can give a very romantic feel to your bedroom.

It is another colour which can work well if you are married. It can brighten up any plain looking room instantly. This colour should only be used on the bed itself as it can be a little overpowering.

Pink can be a great choice for a room as well. It is an innocent, gentle shade of pink which is very pleasant to look at.

While it is an attractive colour on its own, it also works well as a backdrop to other colours or with darker colours. However, this colour is better suited to a bed than a dresser.

The other option would be to go for black. Black is very popular right now and looks extremely elegant. It is suitable for a bedroom as well kitchen room.

Many people use it in their bathrooms simply because it is a very modern style. If you are trying to add some class to your bedroom you may find that black is the way to go.

If you really want to add elegance to your bedroom, then choose a deep plum shade in the middle of the bed. This will add a touch of class to any bedroom. It will also add some depth to the bed and will make it look a lot more expensive.

Black looks good on a headboard but if you don’t want to use this option for the bedding, you can purchase white bedding with some different bold patterns and designs on it.

If you want to add a splash of colour into your bedroom, then you might want to consider painting it red. It will pop and it will definitely attract attention. This is especially true if you decide on a country design theme for your bedroom.

You can also buy red accent rugs on the floor. Red looks good on a lot of different walls in a bedroom so this will be easy to do. Remember to avoid busy, shiny wallpaper though, it will only make the room look smaller.

If you really want to jazz up the look of the bedroom, then you can go with a pinstripe. This will be a real eye catcher and is a lot more fun than many other colours. You can even purchase a chrome pinstripe for him to enjoy.

If you have a leather couch in the bedroom, then a pinstripe on the legs of the couch would look fantastic. This is a lot of fun to decorate a bedroom with and it is always a lot of fun when your husband comes home from work and you are all sitting around the kitchen and discuss what room it is that you want to paint.

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