How to Measure a Man’s Inseam

Man's Inseam
Written by Tomas Braun

You may have wondered how do you measure the inseam of pants and not known the right answer. The inseam refers to the measurement of your inner leg. It’s the distance from the crotch to your ankle or the mid-calf line if your measurement is different.

Most men who wear jeans have the same question on how do you measure the inseam. Just like measurement of your finger, there are alos several measures involved, as the inseam measurement differs for each person depending on his height and body type.

The most common inseam measurement in both men and women is 14 inches. This dimension is good enough but still many are still having trouble with it. The reason for this is that they use the wrong measuring tape in placing their measurement. The measurement they take may not give a perfect result because the body has its own unique characteristics that may lead to wrong results.

Men should start with two different measurements to determine the correct inseam measurement. The first measurement should be the natural waist of a man. For a comfortable fit, this measurement should be the same all throughout. The second measurement should be the hip length. This measurement is one inch above the natural waist.

To get the comfortable fit of pants to wear to the occasion, there is no need to try on pants so much before buying them. It’s a good idea to measure the waist bands that are around the hips. These bands are essential in giving the right inseam measurement. You should measure around the hips and then take the inseam measurement next. Do not forget to include the length of your leg in the total measurement.

When you get to home, you need to bring the measurements with you to the store. The sales assistants will help you with it. They will ask you to add.5 to the inseam measurement so as to get the right length pants.

If you do not want to take your pants off at the store, you can measure yourself using tape. Take note of your current waist size and add.5 for the inseam measurement. You can wear these pants without a belt but if you will be wearing a belt it is recommended to remove the buckle so that you can comfortably wear the pants.

In order to find out how to measure the inseam and outseam, you can also use an adjustable stool. Just make sure that you sit firmly on the stool and don’t lean back. The goal of this method is to have the hips and legs of your body in line with each other. If you have difficulty standing with your feet apart, you may want to try an inseam shoe. You can find them at your local shoe store or online.

If you have difficulty finding a comfortable measuring tape, you can find one online. Just type measure inseam’ in the search box and you will see several options. Just remember that in order to get an accurate measurement, it is important to start at the end of a long segment of pants and continue measuring from here. This method is usually accurate and is a great way to find out how to measure the inseam and outseam of any panty.

Another common question about how to measure the inseam is how to fit a pair of jeans. When you purchase a pair of pants, the first thing that you will notice is that they come in different styles and sizes. Some brands of pants have bigger inseam while others are tight around the midsection. Once you get a couple pairs of jeans, you will need the answers to how to measure the inseam.

To determine how much to cut off the leg of each pair of pants, begin by wearing the pants. Hold both feet flat on the floor with your toes pointed. If the inseam of one leg is more than the other, it’s time to either size up one leg or cut it slightly smaller. If you’re not sure how to measure the inseam, you may want to wear a pant suit which comes with an elastic band that measures the inseam.

The third type of question you may have regarding how to measure the inseam is how much to cut off the length measurement. Most manufacturers allow for a minimal three inch reduction from the standard length measurement. For most pants, this will give you enough room to wear under a shirt. If the length measurement is too long, however, it will be necessary to take some measurements so you can find a pair of pants that are more appropriate.

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